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Satsuma Gyu owns halal certification to ensure all groups of people, from connoisseur to first timer, can safely and simply enjoy the product. The Gyu also comes with an online code checker so you get to know what's on your plate, where it came from, the process behind it, to reason why it is worthy of the price you pay.


Satsuma Gyu is farmed and bred in its place of origin with utmost care by skilled master wagyu farmers, celebrating and honoring the purity of the breed (Kuroge Cattle). With their expertise, Satsuma Gyu currently holds the title of the best wagyu in the world, bringing home the top prize of Wagyu Olympics in 2017.


Not only its extraordinary mouthfeel and bursting flavour, Satsuma Gyu has a lot more to offer. It is enriched with higher concentration of omega-3, omega-6 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), each with its own incredible benefits for health. It also serves as a good protein source highly recommended for children development, as it is good for heart, brain and metabolism.


The last but never the least is all about taste. Pure-bred Wagyu like Satsuma Gyu, has umami taste with a milky and buttery profile as a result from its high maintenance and healthy diet. Satsuma Gyu also has the highest marbling standard (score: 6-12), widely known for its rich and exquisite flavour that melts right away in the mouth.

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